New Journey – Esthetics Class

Esthetics Class Photo
Esthetics Class
February 2020- IIC Esthetics Class

While welcoming our new 600 hour Esthetics class we got a chance to hear their stories on why they chose the skin industry. We wanted to share them with you.

I finished my bachelors degree in marketing. Furthering my education with a communications Masters, I wanted more. Now I’m on my skin journey. It was my mom that motivated me to pursue my dreams.

“Currently I’m a dental assistant and I wanted to do this to be more fulfilled. “

“For quite some time I’ve been an accountant. I recently started doing eye lash extensions and wanted to add to my beauty business.”

“Recently, I moved from california. My passion is natural skincare and the routine behind skincare. I’ve always liked the esthetician’s that have worked on me and their techniques.”

“My focus is self love and I want other people to feel the same. I thought skincare would be a great way to help people.”

“My family is from Columbia. They are doctors in Colombia and it is a big focus to take care of your skin. I went into the Army. Once I got out, I knew the beauty industry was for me.”

“My mom works at dermatologist office. She always told me to take care of my skin. I just graduated massage school and currently work in a spa. This is a great way for me to add to my services.”

“I went to school for nursing. Once I’m finished with the Esthetics program”

“I want to expand into laser hair removal and practice botox injections.”

“It’s my time now”

“Since high school I have always worked. I haven’t been to school since 2011. I have been following different social media accounts and watch skincare procedures on you tube. I was nervous to sign up but became reassured that I was picked out of many applicants.”

“I just finished high school and wanted this to be my career path. I have a passion for skincare and the research that goes into the products.”

“My mom always encouraged me to take care of my skin. Now I am where I’m meant to be.”

As the students talk about why they picked this industry, their instructor Miss Michelle has great input,

“love what you do, the money will come” 

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