Disclosures & Consumer Information

The United States Department of Education has set guidelines to help campuses provide Student Consumer Information to prospective and current students, staff, and the general public. International Institute of Cosmetology is committed to providing this student consumer information to support you as you make the important decision about your career training and school choice.

Graduation, Licensure, and Placement Rates (Cosmetology)​

For 2019, the International Institute of Cosmetology reported to the NACCAS:

  • GRADUATION RATE: 82.83%, Percentage of students scheduled to graduate in 2019 who did graduate in 2019.​
  • LICENSURE RATE: 98.75%, Number of students who attempted the CT State Board licensing exam for the first time in 2019 divided by number of students who passed.​
  • PLACEMENT RATE: 76.83%, Percentage of 2019 graduates eligible for employment who actually found employment in the cosmetology field.​

In compliance with the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Science (NACCAS) standards and policies, the International Institute of Cosmetology must provide you with information prior to enrollment. NACCAS requires an institution to meet or exceed the following measures of student success: Graduation rate: 50%, Pass rate on state licensing examination: 70%, and Placement rate of graduates: 60%

This statistical information is calculated by using accumulative data that is verified by an internal audit and submitted to NACCAS annually.​