Sallie Mae® is the nation’s #1 private student loan lender

Applying is fast and easy, with more than 4,000 eligible schools
Helping 300K+ students pay for college each year
Lending to more students than any other private student loan provider


How to Apply For Sallie Mae® Loan?

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If you choose to seek lending from Sallie Mae®, follow steps below to create an account and apply for the loan online.

  • Step 1: Visit
  • Step 2: Review general information on their website and click “READY TO APPLY” button
  • Step 3: Answer Questions from Sallie Mae®. When you reach spot to enter school name type in “International Institute of Cosmetology”. Please note only Wethersfield school address will be available and thats ok (its our main office)
  • Step 4: Hit continue and proceed with the Smart Option Student Loan Application
  • Step 5: After your approved, select the desired repayment option and interest rate
  • Step 6: Review loan docs and terms, provide any additional information requested and e-sign. Sallie Mae® will work with IIC to take care of the rest

Please contact our financial aid team with any additional questions or to schedule a time to walk you through the process.

IIC is not affiliated with or endorses Sallie Mae® or any outside lending option.