Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

50 Hr Program (Coming Summer 2021)


This 50 hour Fundamentals class is designed for anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of Eyelash Extensions. This program leads to CT Licensure. Receive a certificate from International Institute of Cosmetology, upon completion. This class includes a starter kit to get you started.

  • Eyelash Extension Basics
  • Client Safety Procedures
  • Application Techniques
  • Lash Mapping
  • Full Eyelash Application
  • Fill Lash Application
  • Eyelash Removal Protocol
  • Eyelash Lift and Tint
  • and More!

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Sugarlash Classic kit included

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About the Eyelash Educator

Jessica Gonzalez

Eyelash Extension Educator/ Esthetician

With over 13 years experience as an Esthetician, Jessica knows the importance of proper sanitation procedures in performing/teaching Eyelash Extensions. Due to competitive demand today; extensive step by step training in the art of lash extensions will set the student apart from other trainings offered.

Jessica shares what makes her business Lash Esthetica profitable providing a business model that a student can emulate for success. She provides the resources in the marketplace, focused on education through sharing the secrets of client retention, providing a safe environment for learning along with highlights of a custom curriculum. 


Objectives of the Eyelash program is to complete the State required 50 hours. This eyelash program prepares students on the foundational concepts and practices associated with Eyelash Technician. It is comprised of 50 clock hours. The program’s instructional methods include interactive lectures, practical assignments on both mannequins and patrons, group activities, workshops, videos and other learning resources. Certificate upon completion.

Areas of StudyMin TheoryMin Clinical
First Aid & Safety3.5 
Eyelash Tint35
Eyelash Application820
Eyelash Removal35
Professional Ethics/Management/State Laws2.5 

CT Eyelash Licensing Requirements

Have completed a course of not less than fifty (50) hours of study and received a certificate of completion from an approved school or in a school outside of Connecticut that was approved by the appropriate regulatory body in the state at the time of completion;


Have practiced as a eyelash technician continuously for a period of not less than two years prior to July 1, 2020;


Attest on the application that the applicant is in compliance with the infection prevention and control plan guidelines prescribed by the Department under section 19a-231 of the general statutes.

Application Instructions

A completed application.  Applications are only accepted online.  Please select this link to apply online.  After you have registered for an account, please select ‘Initial Application’ at the bottom left of the screen and then expand the ‘Appearance Enhancement’ grouping.  The application fee is $100.

For more information visit: https://portal.ct.gov/DPH/Practitioner-Licensing–Investigations/Eyelash-Technician/Eyelash-Technicians