IIC’s March 2024 Students of the Month

Congratulations to Debbie Nichole for being awarded Wethersfield’s student of the month!

✨What made you decide cosmetology & going to IIC?

I got certified last year in Extensions. Then I realized if the client wanted the extensions colored or cut, I would need a license to do so. When I started doing research on schools I was drawn to International Institute of Cosmetology because of its extensive program. What sealed the deal for me was also asking my hairstylist friends what they thought the best cosmetology school was; they all recommend IIC!

✨My Ah Hah moments in school were?

When I realized I can stop overthinking. That it all falls into place when you let go and just do it!

✨Where do you see yourself when you finish school?

I plan to work in a Salon that has Hairtalk extensions so I can hone that craft as well as all the other services I learned in school- Color, Cut, Manicures, etc.

✨What advise would you give someone looking in to Cosmetology school?

If it’s in your heart, DO IT! It’s a lot of fun. But take it seriously and use your time well and absorb everything! It’s so worth it!

IIC Plainville congratulates Elizabeth Kelly on earning Student of the Month!

elizabeth portfolio
Instagram: @hairw.liz

✨What made you decide cosmetology & going to IIC?

In high school I’d do friends hair at home and enjoyed it. My dad always said, “ if you enjoy doing something, you’ll never work a day in your life.” That’s why I chose how did you decide to cosmetology.  One of my friends came to IIC.

✨My Ah Hah moments in school were?  

Foiling and highlighting are really fun. I especially love creating blonde hair. When I’m creating 2 hours can go by and it feels like minutes.

✨Where do you see yourself when you finish school?

I’d like to be in a salon that has a color focus and works on creating a lot of Blonde hair. I can’t wait to build my clientele.

✨What advice would you give someone looking in to Cosmetology school?

If you are passionate about it GO FOR IT “It’s definitely worth your time and effort.”

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