Alumni Spotlight- Sara Stadnicki

Sara Stadnicki, IIC graduate from its nail, lash and makeup programs; shares some inspiration for future artists.

sara alumni spotlight
Instagram: @_beautyybysar

✨ What  motivated you to enroll in the nail tech program at International Institute of Cosmetology?

I was motivated to enroll in this program because of my love of art. The year prior I had taken the makeup course so I was pretty familiar with the school. In March of 2022 I started doing my own nails for fun because I was working two jobs and didn’t have time to get my nails done. I fell in love with all the endless art that could be done on such a tiny nail. My hobby turned into a passion so I decided to enroll in the class for January 2023 to hopefully make it into my career! I loved how creative we got to be.  Once we were finished learning how to properly do an application we were able to practice art and do fun designs. I loved that it was a small class.  Since there were 3 of us, there was a lot of time for Miss Rosie to help and teach us individually.

✨How did you come up with your Instagram name?

I wanted my Instagram name to be found easily by people, so I went for a simple @_beautyybysar since I’m a makeup artist too. However,  when I came up with my LLC name I wanted it to be something unique, something that was attached to me but didn’t have my name in it.  I chose Blue Daisy Artistry and the reasoning behind it is pretty simple.  Daisies  have always been my favorite flower so I knew I wanted to use that and I chose blue because a blue daisy is the rarest color of daises  and I strive to be unique and create an experience that is hard to find somewhere else.

✨Can you tell us a little about where you’re working?

I am located at Bella Mia Salon in Bristol,  CT. I specialize in hand painted structured gel manicures.  I also do regular gel and Gel X manicures. 

✨What advice would you give someone looking into the nail program?

The advice I would give to someone just starting out would be to “never stop, never give up and keep pushing through”.  It can get very discouraging when you have no spot to work or no clients to practice on but I promise if you keep working and keep getting your name out there you will grow and you will succeed. Everyone has their own rate at which they flourish.  For some it’s right away and others it takes time but that’s okay. When it gets rough just remember why you’re doing what you’re doing, because you love it and it’s your passion.  Don’t  be afraid to take that leap it usually ends up being the best thing that you could have ever done.

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