• Visit to access the Student Catalog, Annual Security Report, Drug Free Workplace/School, Emergency Operations Plan, Gainful Employment Disclosures and 1098-T information.
  • IIC’s Catalog:
    • IIC’s Completion Rate
    • IIC’s Licensure Rate
    • IIC’s Job Placement Rate
    • IIC’s Median Loan Debt
    • Physical Demands of the Profession
    • Safety Requirements of the Profession
    • Compensation a Graduate Can Reasonably Expect
    • Licensure Requirements for Connecticut
  • Annual Security Report – Campus Security
  • Drug Free Workplace/School -Drug Abuse/Conviction
  • Emergency Operations Plan -Emergency Response/Procedures
  • “Students and parents – Why Form 1098-T is important to you?”
  • Sexual Assault Brochure
  • Wellmore Brochure- crisis hotline information
  • Reviewed the Eyelash Program Expectations / Nail Program Expectations

Printed copies of all the items above can also be requested in our admissions department.