Alumni Spotlight- Eve Grenon

Eve Grenon, IIC Makeup Artistry graduate, freelancing as Evermore Beauty.

✨How did you get started in Makeup?

My curiosity in makeup all started watching my grandmother use her lipstick as a cream blush.  My mom never wore anything more than mascara once in a blue moon so I was intrigued. I would practice different looks on myself and post on social media.  Over time, my close friends and family would ask me to do their makeup for special occasions.  I really enjoyed doing it, I found it so cathartic and my friends would love how they looked.  

A lot of my friends were getting engaged, married and having families at this time (including myself) so I decided to try my hand at freelancing as a travel makeup artist in 2012 on a part time basis.  I educated myself working with other local beauty pros and took classes from other established artists.

I took a small hiatus around 2016 after having two daughters and then my girls and I moved to Connecticut in 2019 and started freelancing again as Evermore Beauty.  I had been eyeing the makeup course as International Institute of Cosmetology for a couple years and decided to invest in myself and signed up and attended in 2021.  “It was the best thing I ever did” & business gets busier and busier every year!

✨What inspires you to do makeup?

Far too often, I get a beautiful client in my chair and they are picking apart and putting down their natural beauty.  We are our own worst critics and it makes me sad that they can’t see what I see.  Their natural beauty! 

I am inspired by every woman that sits in my chair to show them with makeup how they can ever so slightly use makeup to enhance what’s already there.  No cakey mask.  Once I hand them the mirror when all is said and done, the smile, their look, they look like they love themselves again.  That makes it so worth it to me, every single time.

✨How did you build your makeup clientele?

Honestly, it’s a lot of word of mouth, referrals and social media.  The more clients you work on that walk away happy, the more likely they are to drop your name when they see or know someone in need of a special event artist.

I also teamed up with a seasoned hair stylist so I could offer hair and makeup together if desired.  Reviews and sharing your work are key as well. Clients are more likely to book if they see your past work, hear about your work ethic and that other people highly recommend you.

✨Any advice you would give someone starting makeup artistry at IIC’s Makeup Academy?

No matter what you think you may already know or even if you haven’t a clue, be open to learning new techniques and expanding your horizons.  Educate yourself to be the best artist you can be and put yourself out there.  Be on time, be reliable and trustworthy, double check your kit to make sure you have all you need before you walk out that door and know you have all the tools you need to be successful!  YOU GOT THIS!! ❤️

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