Alumni Spotlight- Sarah Cheesbro

Sarah Cheesbro, IIC graduate, stylist at Gugliotti’s in Rocky Hill, and now entrepreneur, reflects
on her journey from her time as a student to how she found success in her career today. Sarah’s
current venture is a partnership with the Gugliotti’s with their new salon called Salon G, soon to
open in Glastonbury, and currently looking for beauty professionals to rent space. Let’s see what Sarah
had to say on her career journey…

Sarah collage
Instagram: @sarbehindthechair

Starting from the beginning, what was your favorite part about being a student at IIC?
Sarah: My favorite part about being an IIC student was being a part of a community full of
everyone striving after the same goal. Every teacher I came into contact with genuinely cared for
us students and wanted to see us succeed. Everyday there was something new and exciting to
learn. You graduate IIC excited to begin your career as a hair stylist and continue your life long
educational journey.

Can you tell us a little about your hair journey, from IIC to today? How did you end up
partnering with the Gugliottis in opening a salon?

Sarah: One day I was in the middle of class and Carmelo Gugliotti pulled me aside and said
“you’re going to my salon after school today to apply for a job” and the rest is history. Ten years
later I’m still apart of the Gugliotti team. The Gugliottis have always been super supportive in
my hair journey, throughout the years I’ve worn many hats at the salon from assisting stylists to
an assistant manager role and finally as an independent stylist renting the first ever suite at
Gugliottis Salon and Suites. But I wasn’t done there, I was ready for more and a new challenge
so after sitting down with Leonardo and Martin here we are with this new venture, Salon G.

Are there any services that you are passionate about offering here at Salon G?
Sarah: If I had to choose just one, I would say I am most passionate about my color services. It
really gives me the chance to create individuality for my clients and have them feeling like their
most confident selves.

What was your inspiration for this space, and what type of vibe does this new salon have?
Sarah: To be completely honest my only inspiration for this space was to create a space where
we could build a community-like feel. My words were “cozy, coffee shop vibes,” and I think
we’ve done just that.

How did you build such a loyal following?
Sarah: I was able to build such a loyal following by creating trust between my clients and me.
They’re not just our clients, and we’re not just their hair stylists, we’re friends. Building that
connection makes the salon experience fun for all. I genuinely get excited every time I see my

Is there anything you’re looking for in stylists who want to rent at Salon G?
Sarah: I am looking for motivated and passionate individuals. This is a continuous growing
career, trends are always changing. So, being willing to continue educating themselves and push
themselves everyday to be better is most important.

Can you give one piece of advice to current IIC students?
Sarah: My advice to current IIC students is, never give up, believe in yourself and believe in
your talent and great things will come to you. We choose this career because we’re passionate
about it and understand that with every good day there will be more bad days but stay focused
and never stop believing in yourself.

Thank you for your insight, Sarah, our students will be inspired by your story. If you are
interested in renting in this beautiful new location please reach out to @sarbehindthechair on
Instagram or fill out a form at

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