Celebrating Black History Month

black history month

Today marks the beginning of the celebration of Black History Month. Beginning in 1976, U.S. Presidents have officially dedicated the month of February to recognize the achievements, contributions, and sacrifices of African-Americans on the United States of America. The initial recognition of this month by President Gerald Ford coincided with the bicentennial celebration of the establishment of the United States of America, and to recognize that the development of the culture of the United States is synonymous with African-American influence.

There are numerous ways to commemorate Black History Month, and we encourage all members of our community to take part in discussions, read about prominent African-Americans, and view exhibits that challenge our understanding of our collective history. A great starting place is the below link to a site hosted by the Library of Congress:


IIC continues to support a culture of inclusivity, peace, healing and change. We recognize the significance of Black History Month and the contributions of African-Americans to the beauty industry. Learn about some of the pioneers:

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