Please review the following expectations and model requirements.

Student agrees to the set schedule, and understands that because of the short nature of this course, there will be limited makeup hours available for missed time. Student is responsible to complete any and all homework assigned. Failure to satisfactorily complete the class or absence can lead to non-completion of course. Non-completion may result in no certificate of completion given to student. Student is expected to provide models for service during specified times in the course. Models must meet the below model requirements.


Make sure to visit https://www.studyhair.com/programs/workshops/ for schedule and location of your workshop. Scheduled short breaks will allow students time for a brow bagged snack or small meal.


Certificate Classes are for enrichment purposes only, they do not lead to state licensing.


Building a clientele is crucial for anyone trying to grow their business, and practice on live models is always preferred. That is why it is required for many of the workshops for students to acquire models for their training. Failure to bring in client for class workshops may result in non-completion of the class/course. See model schedule and requirements below.

10 Hour Volume & Fans Workshop
Model Required on Day 2

1 Day Lash Lift & Glaze Workshop
Model required for 2nd half of day, models should have average to long lashes measuring no shorter than a 9mm smallest length.

5 Hour Brow Lamination Workshop
Model Required at 2nd half of day

5 Hour Eyebrow Henna Workshop
Model Required at 2nd half of day

*All other workshops do not require models.

All Models

  • The model must be capable of laying on his/her back for the designated time frame. Essential to avoid interference for the student on focus and concentration.
  • Model must consent that the student is in training. Working under the supervision of the instructor.
  • The model should not be presently experiencing allergies may it be seasonal or an onset.
  • Models consent to procedure and waive all liabilities to the school and instructor should an allergic reaction happen.
  • The model must understand that the final results will vary. Every effort to produce a look of desire will be attempted but not be guaranteed.
  • Health and safety is the priority to keep the integrity of the client. Some models may get a partial to full service results…final result will vary.
  • Must consent: before and after photos for use and not limited to: measuring the student’s progress, documentation to accompany consent forms, school use, marketing purposes.

Models cannot have any of the following
•eczema, rosacea, or dermatitis 
•recent Botox in the region of the eye
•resurfacing treatments in the last 72 hrs. (ex: microdermabrasion, chemical pills, etc.)
• On any acne medications such as retin-a, retinol, Accutane, Salicylic Acids, or Alpha Hydroxy Acid 


Students must adhere to rules and guidelines set forth by educator. Timeliness is essential. Please be mindful of others in their learning process. Do not divert class attention to sidetracked conversations. Follow educators instruction. Treat others as you would like to be treated.


COVID-19 safety and sanitation is a priority during course study. CDC recommendations are followed and administration may require additional restrictions as need arises.


Student must present in writing or email if they wish to withdraw from class. Full refund is available if student withdraws by 5pm night before class start date. If student withdraws after class start, no refunds will be made.

Please feel free to contact Ms. Marie (Director of Education) with any concerns about the class.