Adjusting to the new norm at IIC

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post covid-19 hairdressing

Over the past several months, we have all been forced to adjust to new norms in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. International Institute of Cosmetology is grateful to have students, staff, and clients who have adapted to these changing times with tremendous resilience and understanding. For those who are interested in knowing how things are both the same and different in the world of cosmetology instruction at IIC, it seemed best to hear it from members of the IIC community. All were asked the same two questions:

What is the biggest change at IIC during COVID-19?

What has remained unchanged at IIC during COVID-19?

The first question, regardless of who was asked, yielded the same answer…the masks!!! Yes, we see a great variety of face coverings at IIC, but whether staff or student, client or prospective student, we are all wearing masks…all the time while on campus. That is most definitely a significant part of our new norm, and it is important for us to practice this for the safety of all in our community.

In many ways, the second question also yielded similar responses, and speaks to what IIC is all about. Let us see how various members of the IIC community responded to what has remained unchanged at IIC during COVID-19:

Manny from Financial Aid said: “The atmosphere is still the same…it is still fun!”

Dina, the Wethersfield FLEX educator, stated: “We always sanitize between clients.”

Martin, the Dean of Students, said: “Our commitment to our values.”

Cassie, a cosmetology student, stated: “The education is still really good.”

So while we all wear masks, screen temperatures at the door, and maintain our social distancing, the new norm at IIC is in many respects the same that it has always been. Our commitment to quality education, adherence to our values, and aspirations to train the next generation of beauty professionals have not been affected by COVID-19. We remain committed to the success of our students, as we have since our origins in 2002, and we will in the future.

For the most up to date COVID-19 response information from the State of Connecticut visit this link.

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